RHS BPA will be selling porch signs at the play this weekend to raise funds to attend the National Conference in April. Each sign is hand painted by RHS student Julianne Landgren and will sell for $30. If you can't attend the school play but would like to purchase a porch sign please contact BPA Advisor Natalie Schaff by calling the school 323-2402.
about 14 hours ago, Roundup Public Schools
Porch sign #7
Porch Sign #6
Porch Sign #4
Porch Sign #3
Porch Sign #2
BPA Porch Signs
Reminder: The RHS Players will be performing Friday at 7 pm and Saturday at 3 pm and 7 pm. BPA will be offering dinner an hour before evening performances and snack bar for the matinee on Saturday.
about 16 hours ago, Amy Jones
Play and BPA
The track meet schedule for Saturday in Lockwood has now been cancelled as well. So Roundup High School and Jr. High have no sporting events scheduled for the rest of the week. The next High School Track meet is scheduled for April 6th at Lewistown! Go Panthers!
about 19 hours ago, Tom Cliff
The JV Golf tournament schedule for today and the Track Meet tomorrow in Columbus have been cancelled due to the recent snow. The Lockwood Track meet is still on for Saturday pending weather. Go Panthers!
about 20 hours ago, Tom Cliff
Parents of baseball players at the elementary school please talk to your child/children about not bringing gloves and baseballs to school to play catch during recess. We are very congested at the playground and it is not safe for the other kids who are running around and playing. The other kids aren't watching for the baseballs and some of the throwers are not that accurate. Thank you for your help in this matter.
1 day ago, Rick Griffith
The road construction at the junction of Hwy 12 West and 87 has moved to the next phase. With the addition of stop lights and pilot cars Roundup Schools will be adjusting morning bus stops for bus #1 (Hwy 12 West and Goulding Creek) by 10 minutes to accommodate for the delays construction may cause. Please make sure to have your students at the bus stop 10 minutes earlier than usual from now until the completion of the project. Afternoon drop offs may be affected as well so please allow a cushion of 10-15 minutes outside of the normal drop off times. Thank you for your understanding.
1 day ago, Roundup Public Schools
Juniors and Parents of Juniors!! The ACT will be administered tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28, at the Community Center. Letters regarding notice and logistics information were previously sent and/or given to the Juniors. We will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. to get through the non-test state-required information and the testing information. Once seating has begun, the doors will be locked. At this point, there will be no late admittance due to ACT regulations. Backpacks and cell phones need to be left at school, home, or their cars. These items are not permitted in the testing facility due to ACT regulations. Lunch will be provided on-site or students may bring their lunch, though refrigeration will not be available. ACT regulations prohibit students from leaving the testing facility for lunch once we have begun. All students have been given the ACT Student Booklet for State and District Testing, which includes instruction on the completion of the MyACT information. This resource also outlined the ACT-approved calculator policy as well. A calculator is embedded within the ACT platform for student use as well. Thank you and Best of Luck on the ACT!!
3 days ago, Jennifer Cliff
RHS BPA will be serving dinner prior to the school play on Friday and Saturday, to raise funds to attend nationals next month. Come enjoy dinner and a show compliments of RHS students.
3 days ago, Roundup Public Schools
BPA Menu
PTSA BOOKFAIR Just a reminder to parents and community that the book fair is open at the elementary gym until 2:00, Monday, March 27th.
3 days ago, Rick Griffith
Happy Friday Roundup Families, this is a friendly reminder that we do not have school this coming Monday March 27th. This is a scheduled parent-teacher conference day. The elementary school will be available form 8am-2pm for parent teacher conferences. The high school parent teacher conferences are scheduled from 1PM-7PM.
6 days ago, Josiah Mayfield
Please be advised that due to ACT testing, Preschool/Kindergarten screening, and the school play, the Roundup Schools Community Center building is closed March 27-April 2nd to general public activities.
8 days ago, Roundup Public Schools
Good Luck to the RHS Band and Choir as they will be in Billings today competing at the District Music Festival! Go Panthers!
10 days ago, Tom Cliff
Roundup High School traveled to Hobson today for the annual math competition. Congratulations to Kaydence Rivera for winning the Dimensions Test.
12 days ago, Roundup Public Schools
Roundup Families, we would like to announce that we have two flex days built into the school calendar. We will cancel school on Wednesday April 5 and Thursday April 6. These two days lead into our scheduled spring break which is April 7-10. We hope this is a welcomed extended spring break for families.
15 days ago, Josiah Mayfield
Elementary Girls basketball information from Coach Zach Bymaster and Coach MaKenzie Bymaster.
20 days ago, Rick Griffith
Elementary Girls Basketball Message
Elementary Girls Basketball Message
This is a reminder that Preschool Screening/Kindergarten Readiness evaluations will be done on March 29th, 2023 at the Community Center. Spots are filling up fast so please call the elementary school at 406-323-1512 and sign up.
21 days ago, Rick Griffith
This is a notice that the Board of Trustees for Roundup School District 55 & 55H, Musselshell County, Montana will hold their regularly scheduled March Board meeting on Monday, March 13th. The Board of Trustees will be meeting at the district office at 7:00 PM. The agenda is posted at the following link - https://5il.co/1qgun. You can also find agenda's, board minutes, and board policies at https://www.roundup.k12.mt.us/o/rsd/page/board-of-trustees
21 days ago, Josiah Mayfield
The Roundup Public School District held a community forum this evening (Tuesday, March 7) to gain community feedback regarding a 4-day school week schedule. There is not a plan to move to a 4-day schedule, at this time it is simply an open discussion. If you would like to add to this discussion please complete the survey by visiting the following link: https://forms.gle/MYxfe3vafz2nwDqi6
22 days ago, Josiah Mayfield
Friendly Reminder! Roundup Public Schools will be hosting a community forum to gather community feedback and explore options around a 4-day school week. The meeting will be tonight at 6:00PM at the Roundup High School Gym. We have invited retired superintendent Gordan Hahn to provide an information session about a 4-day school week. Gordan worked in Saco, MT. Their district went to a 4-day school week about 11 years ago, and they were one of the first districts in Montana to move to this new model. Now nearly 180 schools in Montana operate on a 4-day school week. Schools have moved to this model from Class C, Class B, and Class A schools. At our February regular board meeting, the Roundup Board of Trustees moved to begin exploring this as an option for our school calendar. The Roundup Board of Trustees has not made any decisions. This forum will serve as the beginning to a fact finding mission, to look at the advantages and disadvantages this could have for our community. We encourage Roundup families and concerned community members to join us on March 7th (Tonight) at 6 PM at the high school gym. Go Panthers!
23 days ago, Josiah Mayfield
NOTICE: Jerry Prete, will be presenting an assembly to Roundup High School students in Grade 9-12 “The Dangers of Distracted Driving” at 10:00 AM Tuesday March 7 at the high School Gym. This presentation is open to the public if anyone wishes at attend. If any parents do not wish for their child to attend please notify the office at 406-323-2402
26 days ago, Ken Larson